About Us

As the only endocrinologists in burgeoning Charles County, Maryland, DE Consultants has been the go-to group for central and southern Marylanders since our doors opened in 1993. Because demand for our specialized services extended well north of the main office in Waldorf, we opened a second office in Silver Spring, Maryland to provide greater convenience to patients residing in the DC-metropolitan area.

Our practice treats outpatient endocrine-related conditions exclusively and requires patients to have a primary care physician for their general medical needs.


While our training and medical expertise underpin our capabilities, our philosophy is what makes us special. Among our top tenets:

  • Carry a lower patient load to allow for longer office visits and more comprehensive management of individual cases. For initial consultations we dedicate 90 minutes, and for typical office visits 30 to 45 minutes according to individual patient’s needs. The value of this time-intensive approach is evidenced in the reduction of complications and hospitalizations experienced by our patients.
  • Maintain clear lines of communication. At the conclusion of each visit a type-written document summarizes what was discussed during the appointment and outlines patient status and prescriptions, as well as other pertinent details. This document is reviewed by you and your doctor, and subsequently sent electronically to your primary care physician. This helps eliminate confusion and errors and produces a more complete medical record.
  • Make the patient an active partner in their own care. By involving patients much more intimately in the understanding and management of their condition, we empower them with a level of control that leads to lasting, more satisfying outcomes.


Our board-certified physicians—William Levy, M.D., Michael Sharon, M.D., Dolly Misra, M.D. and J. Joanna Yu, M.D., Ph.D.—are all endocrinologists and internists having extensive training and a combined average of over 30 years’ experience in the field. In addition to patient care, we are active in the academic community, participating in professor rounds at the Washington Hospital Center and publishing research on various subjects related to our areas of expertise. Highly respected among our peers, we consult frequently with colleagues to assist in the care of their patients. To learn more about each doctor, visit our Doctor Bios page.


We treat many endocrine-related conditions, including diseases of the thyroid, bone, pituitary, adrenal, parathyroid, islet cells, testes, adipocyte, and ovaries. Some conditions benefit from specialized tests and treatments. Among those we offer are:

  • Bone Densitometry (test performed at Waldorf location only; clinical evaluations available at both locations)
  • High-resolution Thyroid Ultrasonography
  • Fine-needle Thyroid Aspiration

Patient Educators

Our Waldorf Office is home to our patient educators who— in addition to their professional licensure in nursing and dietetics—hold certifications in diabetes education.



We are accepting all commercially-insured patients. However, because the limits imposed by most carriers would render our specialized level of care unsustainable, we do not enter into commercial insurance contracts. To ensure affordability, we keep our fees low and for all insurers other than CareFirst,* we require only 20% of the cost of your visit up front. As a courtesy, we’ll request reimbursement of the balance directly from your insurer.


We currently participate in and are accepting all patients insured under this program.

*Due to the requirements of CareFirst, patients with this insurance provider are asked to pay for 100% of the office visit up front. To reduce the patient burden, we offer to submit claims for reimbursement of covered amounts on the patient’s behalf.