Welcome to Diabetes and Endocrine (DE) Consultants—one of Maryland’s leading endocrinology practices. With four Board-Certified endocrine physicians, two part-time certified diabetes educators, an in-house registered dietician, dedicated staff and strong working relationships with the community of referring physicians, we have helped countless patients improve their quality of life through preventative care and active treatment of endocrine-related illnesses.

While many health care providers focus on the quantity of care, our group values the quality, continuity, and completeness of care above all else. With fewer appointments scheduled per day than most practices by design, you benefit from less time waiting and more time face-to-face with your physician. We also strongly believe in pairing you with just one of our physicians—with whom you consult throughout the treatment process. This level of individual attention often leads to not only stronger health outcomes, but lower health care costs over time.

We encourage you to learn more about us through this site and look forward to becoming a partner in your well-being.